Olive Oil

The olive tree represents a symbol of worship and a source of energy from prehistoric times until today. It’s been established as Greece’s national tree as it symbolizes wisdom, tolerance and peace. The olive tree’s branch is well-known for its use as an award for the winners of the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia.

Olive oil is the oil obtained from the fruit of the olive tree using natural methods, without adding chemical enhancers and without any further processing. The olives are hand-picked before their final ripening, as the quality of the olive oil is the highest during this season.

Olive oil constitutes the most fundamental ingredient of the food pyramid in the Mediterranean diet which represents a model for healthy nutrition, since it prevents and treats various illnesses while simultaneously it offers longevity. The nutritional value of olive oil and olives is unquestionable, since they contain valuable nutrients for the human organism, such as vitamins, trace elements, fibers, minerals and monounsaturated fatty acids. Our olive oil comes from producers of the Peloponnese and more specifically from the area of Kranidi where our main bulk is produced, Sparta and Kalamata.