Meli Elatis Menalou Vanilia PDO

The Meli Elatis Menalou Vanilia is the only Greek fir honey with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). It is produced from the black fir tree of Menalo Mountain in Arcadia and it’s a renowned product for its taste and its little sugar concentration. It is light-coloured and evokes something between caramel and vanilla. This type of honey is not collected from the blossoms but from  honeydew (resin) that is produced by certain microorganisms on the trunk of the black fir. Its nutritional value is very high, since it has a high concentration of trace elements and a small concentration of sugars. Another of its unique features is that due to its low glucose content it never crystallizes, even after years.

Limited availability per year.

Available in packs of 400 g and 750 g.